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Statutory Auditing CASTRO AUDITORES S.A.

Statutory auditing is a controlling activity that, in the community’s interest, under the direction and responsibility of the statutory auditor and subject to the generally accepted auditing standards, timely and independently audits the financial statements and systematically reviews and evaluates the elements and components that comprise the internal control, under the terms provided by the law, the bylaws and professional guidelines. [Technical Council of Public Accountancy].

This service is provided to entities that, in accordance with legal provisions, are obligated to make use of this controlling body and to companies whose partners or shareholders require so.

Our statutory auditing service is provided pursuant to the duties set out in article 207 of the Code of Commerce and those established by the supervising entities, which include, among others:

  • Auditing the financial statements.
  • Verifying compliance with legal provisions and statutory regulations.
  • Corroborating the proper protection of the company’s financial resources.
  • Assessing the development of the corporate purpose.
  • Reviewing and signing tax reports, responses to summons and other certifications.

In addition, we offer added value to our clients, thus contributing to the ongoing development of their companies.

We have extensive experience as statutory auditors in different sectors of the Colombian economy (trading, services, health, poultry, fuel, etc.).